Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flotsam Scoop 1.01

The Flotsam Scoop 1.0 is back in the shop at Mansfield Structural for modifications. The latest "improvements" include a clamshell to assist in the removal of larger pieces of driftwood and debris. Vern, a certified welder and class A fabricator, designed a roller arrangement that would allow the clamshell to be opened and closed by sliding a lever up and down the handle. This basic mechanism is show in the short video. The Sea Scouts came up with the clamshell suggestion after touring the Army Corp of Engineers
dredging operation on the Cuyahoga River. The dredge, Clyde, used a clamshell to remove silt washed down from upstream to deepen the shipping channel to allow freighters to bring iron ore to the steel mills. Army engineer, Vito, told us that for every inch of draft lost by the big ore freighters cost the companies $100,000.

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