Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flotsam Scoop Prototype Tested

The wind had blown a nasty pile of floating jetsam (pop bottles, beer cans, plastic, wood and dead fish) into a corner of marina at Lorain Sailing & Yacht Club. It was an ideal situation in which to test Flotsam Scoop model 1.0
The Sea Scouts took turns using the scoop and soon had the area cleaned up. The feedback was very positive, the scoop worked as designed.
Some problems were:- 1) Lock washers on the nuts holding the handle in place,
2) Handle extension tended to rotate,
3) Same of the larger drift wood could not be picked up or would drop off the scoop,
4) It was ackward emptying the scoop into the mid size garbage bags we had on hand.
Many suggestions were made to improve the scoop and these will be incorporated into Flotsam Scoop model 1.1 - stay tuned!

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