Friday, January 29, 2010

Sea Scout ROV Design Advances

Sea Scout Ship Indomitable has signed up to attend the Marine Technology, Great Lakes Regional competition in Alpena, Michigan.  This competition is sponsored by NOAA's Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

To date we are the only group or school outside of Michigan to enter. Our team name is "Indomitable" and Anthony (Gabe) Felici was elected crew leader.

Our ROV has reached the drawing board stage.  And progress is slow as different options are discussed by the scouts.

In the picture to the right the scouts test out some small high torque gear head motors, checking the torque available and amperage draw.

Because time is of the essence the ROV was broken down into sub-components.  Each scout or pair of scouts volunteered to research and build a specific component(s).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sea Scout Team Indomitable's ROV

The Sea Scout Ship 41's ROV is taking shape.  The motors have been tested out in a local pool and work a treat.  Our advisors built mock-ups of the competition tasks as detailed on the MATE website.
In this picture Mr. Ricketts demonstrates Task#1, resurrecting HUGO.

 In this picture Mr. Brewer describes the requirements for Task #3, sampling a new vent sight.  This requires taking and graphing temperatures inside various vents.

Once the four tasks had been explained the scouts had a dummy run through the mock-ups with a handheld ROV frame just to get a feel for the steps needed by the competition.  More to follow.........