Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recruiting Sea Scouts 24/7

Yes,our Skipper, Richard Gash says, "recruiting is a 24/7 task and the most effective tool is a good, exciting program and word of mouth."

 Friends inviting friends.

 So to that end we are going to use a web site called "hunch" . We'll have everyone email a link to their friends and their friends friends inviting them to complete the puzzle.  Try it out for yourself, who knows you may want to become a Sea Scout.

Hunch personalizes the internet!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Too hot to go sailing and bake! With temperatures in the 90's and air that doesn't even flap the sails it is just too hot to to take our 36' ketch out of it's berth.

But it has been fun to just putter about on the Lasers as the Sea Scouts did last Tuesday.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sea Scouts enter Great Lakes Boat Float 2010

During these summer evenings when a passing thunderstorm makes boating imprudent the Sea Scouts have been busy designing their entry in the 2010 Great Lakes Boat Float .  Last year we won "Best use of Recycled Materials" Award and this year we are going for speed.

The initial thought was to incorporate a paddle wheel into the design.

The question arose how would we power the wheels? Then the bright idea!

Mr. Gash suggested, why not design it like a hamster wheel but powered by Sea Scouts.


Well, what do you think?  What diameter should it be and how wide should it be for stability?  How many Tide bottles do we need to collect? 
Any thoughts? 

Stay tuned as the Sea Scouts from Ship 41 solve these issues 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For Sea Scouts it is Not All Work and No Play.

Well, it did require some work.  Richard Gash, the Skipper, said the Sea Scouts spent 30 minutes cleaning up the corner of Sptizer Lakeside Marina that always collects the detritus that washes into the marina but then it was off tubing. With the temperature in the 90's and little wind what else are you going to do?

The 300 H.P. behind our 27' Trophy, "Irish Wake", had no problem pulling the boys.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sea Scouts assist in sailing Tall Ships

Bryan, a member of Sea Scout Ship 41, is presently sailing on the Grand Banks schooner, the Roseway from Cleveland to Bay City, Michigan as part of the Cleveland Rotary, YESS program . Bryon stated that his trip aboard the USS Brig Niagara was a thrill so he is really looking forward to the Roseway.

The 28 youth that participated in the YESS adventure all signed on as Sea Scouts, members of the newly formed Ship 247, chartered to the Cleveland Rotary.  The new scouts have had such a great experience with the Tall Ships they are already planning further adventures in co-operation with the Greater Cleveland Sea Scout Squadron.