Friday, July 16, 2010

Sea Scouts enter Great Lakes Boat Float 2010

During these summer evenings when a passing thunderstorm makes boating imprudent the Sea Scouts have been busy designing their entry in the 2010 Great Lakes Boat Float .  Last year we won "Best use of Recycled Materials" Award and this year we are going for speed.

The initial thought was to incorporate a paddle wheel into the design.

The question arose how would we power the wheels? Then the bright idea!

Mr. Gash suggested, why not design it like a hamster wheel but powered by Sea Scouts.


Well, what do you think?  What diameter should it be and how wide should it be for stability?  How many Tide bottles do we need to collect? 
Any thoughts? 

Stay tuned as the Sea Scouts from Ship 41 solve these issues 

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