Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brain Storming Session

A few Sea Scouts, parents and adult leaders got together to put together ideas on the design of a "flotsam & jetsam scoop" to handle floating debris that is unsightly, smelly and always seems to collect in that one corner of the marina.
Once everyone come up with ideas and sketched out a design. Each design was presented to the group - nothing was ruled out - from floating nets to aluminium rakes to mesh scoops.
Each design was considered for ease and cost of manufacture.
A local fabricating shop, Mansfield Structural, agreed to work with us to produce prototypes to test at the marinas.
The photo to the left shows Bubba working to produce a prototype from a design sketch of an expanded metal scoop, approximately 18" x 11" with a telescopic handle all made from aluminium.
The Sea Scouts will field test and report back.

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