Sunday, June 8, 2008

Accepting the Challenge!

Our trip and tour of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography FLIP vessel, details of the vessel, in San Diego really stirred our thinking about the water environment that we enjoy as Sea Scouts.
What impact can we have on our local shoreline of Lake Erie as a small group of high school students? During dinner at a great restaurant called Gus's a friend mentioned the Interlux Waterfront Challenge. It is a competition, created by Interlux, the yacht paint people, challenging groups to develop projects to improve their local environment.
As Sea Scouts we accepted the challenge. In the past we have regularly participated in clean up efforts of our shoreline and river banks but this challenge called for something more, something "inspirational and self-sustaining".
During our clean ups we have used a tong like tool to pick up individual items but nothing to handle what we see at our marinas after a storm.
A google search on the internet did not reveal any tools to assist in the removal of this flotsam and jetsam. What is needed is a cross between a snow shovel and a leaf rake.
So we need to get brain storming!

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