Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Testing Flotsam Scoop 1.01

Remembering that our project in the Interlux Waterfront Challenge is to design and test a clean-up tool for the waterfront. Details of the challenge can be seen at: http://www.wfchallenge.com/ This past Sunday afternoon our goal was to clean up a corner of Spitzer Lakeside Marina (Spitzer is a sponsor of Sea Scout Ship 41 and provides dock space for our 36' Mariner ketch) in time for all the visitors for the Fourth of July fireworks display. It's one of those corners where drift wood, plastic bottles and cups, styrofoam, dead fish, etc, always seems to collect and would be a good testing ground for our Flotsam Scoop model 1.01. The clamshell design worked very well but the scoop as a whole was just too unwieldly and cumbersome. The added weight of the continuious hinge and bar stock was just enough to hamper the handling of the tool. The scoop itself still worked well and picked up the dead fish, weeds and floating debris. A regular garden rake easily handled the material close to shore pulling it on shore to be put into grbage bags. A total of 11 bags were filled.

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