Monday, May 3, 2010

Wow! Could the Sea Scouts Handle It?

These are exciting times at Sea Scout Ship 41. We have an opportunity to acquire a Navy 44 Luder. A brief history and details of the boat are available at the Navy Patuxent Sailing Club. The one available to us is a 60's fiberglass boat that was designed to train the midshipmen of the U. S. Naval Academy and was used in their offshore sailing program.

The yawl has beautiful lines, the cabin has seven bunks, two pipe berths, a galley, head and navigation station, it looks to be in sound condition but.....the concerns.

.The deck gel coat is flaking, cracking and peeling off as the close up photograph shows.  The websites giving details of gel coat repair indicate this could be a major job.

Our plans are to consult a few marine experts before we commit to what for us would be a major undertaking and expense.  Any suggestions???

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