Thursday, May 6, 2010

Navy 44 Luder Yawl becoming a Sea Scout Training Vessel?

At the request of a good friend of Ship 41, the chair of the local USNA Alumni, sent out an email to the members requesting help regarding the technical aspects of the Navy 44 Luder Yawl.  We wanted to get background information on the sailing and handling characteristics of the boat - would it be too much for us to handle?  What follows is a quote from an alumni:-

"We did sail on these yawls during Plebe summer and afterwards for training back in ’86.  They are very forgiving boats and hard to break, very solid.  Definitely designed for training.  Easy to sail without a lot of bells and whistles.  They were fun.
Below decks were very bare-bones without many comforts.  You could take them out overnight as they had a few racks, cooler, very small stove and a small head.     
For something like training Sea Scouts, I would definitely recommend them.  But, for their age, they might also require a lot of work to keep up and running."

Rob Morley of Riverfront Yachts has offered to unload the boat from a trailer, allow us to work on the boat (even provide advice), and then put the boat in the water next year at a substantially discounted price. To encourage us even further, Matt, manager at Spitzer Marinas, has kindly agreed to continue to work with the Sea Scouts to provide summer dockage at Spitzer Marina.  This is a great group of people and a super marina located in the Lorain Harbor.

We continue to research the suitability of using the Navy 44 Luder Yawl for our Sea Scout program.

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