Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sea Scouts Have A Great Learning Experience.

Saturday, we were up early and at the Alpena High School by 8:00 AM. The Sea Scouts were first up for their 40 minute Engineering Evaluation presentation before the panel of judges. The team came away feeling confident they had done well.  After a short wait it was on to the pool  and the real competition.

The team had ROV "Indomitable" in the water and operational within the allotted 5 minutes. The thrusters easily moved the ROV across the pool and down to 8 feet but that's when a major problem was encountered.

At below 8 feet the machine lost it's mobility and control became difficult as it was pushed down further. The tasks lay in 10 feet of water, a depth the ROV had not been tested at.  None of the tasks were able to be completed. While very disappointed the scouts really took defeat gracefully and saw the experience as a great learning experience.  They are determine to solve the problem and come back next year.

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