Saturday, April 17, 2010

Arrival in Alpena for the Great Lakes Regional ROV Competition

We arrived after a long 7 hour drive at the Holiday Inn, Alpena, Michigan, our home for the next several days.
 Within minutes the Sea Scouts were in their swimsuits and placing ROV "Indomitable" in the water. The first thing that was done was to check the buoyancy of the vehicle and balance it so that it had a slightly negative float.
Once that was done, Crew Leader, Gabriel and ROV Driver, Nate took  the ROV off across the pool and through it's paces.
The machine performed very well (note, it was in 4-5 feet of water) as it went through the various tasks that it would be required to do the next day for the competition. In the photo below you see ROV "Indomitable" about to insert the HRH power/communications connector into the port on HUGO.
Well it was early to bed after a great meal in the Holiday Inn restaurant. We will see what tomorrow brings. 

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