Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ship 41 Late Start to Boating Season

Due to the very wet spring the Sea Scouts were unable to work on their boats and get them launched until just recently.  We did however work on the replacement halyards - all nine of them for the main mast on "Intrepid", our Navy 44 yawl.

 Mr.Cullinan explains the use of a fid and how the tool is used in splicing.

The bottom has been power washed and painted with Interlux bottom paint.

The motor has been overhauled with a new batteries, solenoid, alternator, water pump impeller,  and belt.  The heat exchanger has been repaired and installed. 

The Sea Scouts have helped along the way working on the boat, it is now ready for launch. Standby for actual pictures of the boat in the water. 

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Mark Corson said...

Based on the photo, it looks like the engine needs to be removed for a complete overhaul. I suspect this engine has had many thousands of hours of use. I am sure the gearbox and shaft could use some TLC as well.

Sea Scouts said...

Thank you for the comment. Yes, we have had problems, over heating and with the gear box. Hopefully we have them all sorted out now and can look forward to a great boating season once the ice is off Lake Erie.