Monday, September 13, 2010

Sea Scouts Winners at Plastic Recycling Awareness Event

Congratulations Sea Scout Ship 41, winner of the Best Artistic (read Creative) Design Award at the Great Lake Erie Boat Float.  The event was sponsored by the Metro Parks and the Cleveland Natural History Museum to high light responsible disposal of plastic waste.

The photo above shows part of the crew moving "Rolling Tide", made from over 500 Tide bottles, across the beach to the start line at the waters edge. (Be sure to watch the video below.)

Final float (race) instructions were given by Captain Charles Moore, founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation as "Rolling Tide" patiently sits at the waters edge.

And they were off, as you see from the above video "Rolling Tide" was out of the starting gate very quickly and was easily in the lead with 2/3 of the course still to do.

Then at the halfway mark the wind picked up and it was very difficult to keep "Rolling Tide" on course. Our driver, Nate, did a valiant job but eventually handed over to Gabe who brought the vessel back to the beach at the back of the pack in time for the awards ceremony. 

The crew, with Nate holding the trophy for the Most Artistic (read Creative) Design. Well done Sea Scouts.

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