Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sea Scouts Make Splash in Local Paper

Skipper Gash had a news release published in the local Westlake/Bay Village Observer regarding the "Rolling Tide" boat we are building for the Great Lake Erie Boat Float. Skipper is thinking we'll be inundated with kids who see what we are up to and want to join Sea Scouts.

With a stiff NE wind blowing and 4+ waves at our meeting we concentrated on building "Rolling Tide". Our boat float build is progressing slowly.  We have alternated the larger Tide bottles keeping them in a horizontal alignment so that the boat will roll in a straight line. At this point Mr. Gash said this is his major concern.

Between the aluminum rings we will use orange safety fencing and wrap strings of Tide bottles to give added flotation. Hopefully we can begin sea trials next week.

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