Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sea Scouts at the Great Lake Erie Boat Float

The award winning, Sea Scout Ship 41, captured the "Best use of  Plastic Recyclables" at the Great Lake Erie Boat Float on Saturday.  Below you see the Sea Scout crew with "Hi Tide" rigged and ready to go.

At the start line the six crew members, all wearing life jackets, had paddles at the ready.

The dozen or so float boats headed out to the mark, about 300' from the shore, with "Hi Tide" making a strong start, sails billowing.

Heading for home it was neck and neck with Dr. Marcus Eriksen aboard "Cola-Hoga"  with the crew form Mentor High School way in the lead.

"Cola-Hoga" pipped "Hi Tide" at the post.  So the scouts did not receive the award as the fastest boat but did very well in receiving the "Best Use of Plastic Recyclables".  "Hi Tide" was so well received that it was invited to be the backdrop for live morning broadcasts by Cleveland Channel 3 TV news.

Our sponsor, Andrew Gash, a line manager at the Procter & Gamble Tide plant in Lima presented Dr. Marcus with a Ship 41 hat live on WKYC, TV 3, to thank him for his efforts on behalf of our environment.  Andrew congratulated Ship 41 for their award and explained that the 500 Tide bottles in "Hi Tide" were made with over 25% post consumer recycled plastic. 

Thank you Andrew and Tide for providing the reject bottles! 

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