Friday, February 20, 2009

Miami International Boat Show

We had a great time in Miami.  We stayed 
aboard Lee Popham's yacht at Coral Reef Yacht Club.
We went sailing aboard 32' Benteneau belonging to Shake a Leg, Miami with Capt. Ed Benitez and then
to cap off our trip we  went deep sea fishing in the Keys. 
It was very difficult to return to the snow and ice along the shores of Lake Erie. 
Additional photos of our trip are shown on the slide show to the right.
But spring is coming and we look forward to being on the water here in a couple of months. 
We are seeking the donation of a large (40'+) sailing boat that has berths for 8. We could use some of the award $'s to fix it up.  This would truly help our program and increase our ability to go on extended training cruises. Contact if you are able to help.

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